Fixing the volume up key on a nokia N95

volume buttons
volume buttons

I recently got my hands on a nokia N95. Great.

However, I soon realised that the volume up key doesn’t work, only down works. This was a little unfortunate since it is the only key capable of turning the volume up of music when played with the music player software installed on the device. Something I definitely needed to do once I had managed to turn the volume down to zero percent.

My first idea was to look for some other software I could install that would allow me to alter the volume with another key but I had no luck on that front (let me know if you have).

I then googled around and realised I was not alone and that other people had found success in taking the back off and re-soldering it, so I thought I’d have a bash.

I ended up fixing mine with no tools, just a bit of paper.

Here’s how to take the back off:

  1. Turn it off.
  2. Take the battery out
  3. Slide phone open and bend one side off
  4. Bend the rest off. I was quite rough with mine and I’ve done it a few times now and it has been fine.

You should see the two microswitches, the volume up microswitch on mine was bent upwards. Not only does this mean it doesn’t connect the circuit, but it also won’t be pressed by the outer button.

I simply jammed a bit of paper in there to make the microswitch touch the contacts again.

If this post has helped you fix your phone, show me some love with the flattr link above. Thanks!

paper jam
paper jam

95 thoughts on “Fixing the volume up key on a nokia N95”

  1. Cheers mate! Happened to my Nokia last month and I’ve been trying to get it fixed. Your method was simple and worked first time.

  2. thank u very much, so simple. I was wondering why i didnt think of that and i was stuck with this problem for months. You are a life saver cheers mate.

  3. I was ok without the increase volume button until I upgrade the OS…then it took me down to medium volume and desperate to find a solution. So surprised to find this affected so many people – but then looking at the button, not a surprise…looks very flimsy.

    Your solution didn’t work at first, because it wasn’t tight enough to keep it pressed down, so had to pack some more in there really tightly.

  4. I fucking love, I thought I would have to pay alot of money to get it fixed but it worked with a little piece of paper, I think Nokia should redesign that little part in the phone 😉


  5. well done mate fixed my phone aswell ! so keep up the great work man ten points for you for this im well happy now that i can listen music again

  6. Thanks mate your guide got my phone apart and I found the switch had snapped off. Got music back up by shorting the points so will have to resolder.

  7. You are a genius….just downloaded music to phone and volume control broke just in time for my hols abroad tomorrow….thanks heaps!!

  8. wow these are the worst instructions ever


    # Slide phone open and bend one side off
    # Bend the rest off. I was quite rough with mine and I’ve done it a few times now and it has been fine.



  9. Thanks mate, that worked a charm. I thought i was going to have to use my 300 pound phone as a paperweight after my 1 year old daughter got a bit violent with it and broke the button. It works now and only a couple of minuites to fix, cheers.

  10. Ahh, don’t you just love the internet.

    I’m struggling to decide how to respond to Sam. I’m certainly not going to censor his comment, free speech and all that…

    Part of me wants to engage in a pointless rant, but, like I said, it would be pointless.

    I don’t know if I can make the instructions any clearer, those four points are just instructions to take the back off. I didn’t get any specialist training, I just took it off.

    If anyone else is struggling to do this step I could make a video I suppose, please comment here if that is something you’d like.

    I’d also like to thank everyone else for their positive comments, it feels good I was able to help so many people. I’m also quite glad that if these comments are representative of my fellow man, then less than 4% of them are idiots. I can live with that.

  11. “I’m certainly not going to censor his comment”

    Of course you should censor his comment. You should set an appropriate standard, not lower yourself to the lowest common denominator.

    Be the change that you want to see…

  12. Cheers Matt your the man done it in 2 mins. Sam you fucking mug are you thick or sumthink??? Thinking about it you must be cos you spelt faggot with 3 g’s you prick!!!!

    Danny lead fist’s

  13. Thanks, this was helpful. I didn’t get it to work because the contacts actually weren’t there! I compared it to my other n95 (!). Now I see them in your photo – they are actually little buttons.

    Anyway, I never would have imagined it was so easy to get the cover off – you saved me a lot of worry. Thanks!

  14. Awesome. Just awesome. Simple, elegant, effective. I was traveling at the time mine broke, and was able to fix it with a pen and a couple bits of paper… truly a matt burns inspired McGuyver moment.

    If only all of life’s problems could be solved with such ease.

  15. You are a hero, alas didn;t fix my problem as the microswitch is actually broken, but did at least allow me to diagnose that.

  16. Man you amaizing i go abroad tommorow and it’s just broke, it works straight after i did thanks alot you made my day!

  17. Thank you so much for your help! I had this problem for 6mnths and was at my wits end to send it back to nokia for repairs!

  18. This is WONDERFUL!
    I have just given this phone to my girlfriend forgetting about the problem, the switch had come off completely and I have until today just pumped up the volume. Tiny bit of glue and the paper to hold down. Now working as new!

  19. Wow, great!!! Works like a charm. I was already looking for a new Nokia (like the N86 :-)) but I can postpone my intended buy until the N900 will be a bit less expensive 🙂

    Thanks man!!!!

  20. This advise is most definately the best thing i have ever found on the internet… i typed in my problem in plain english in google… landed here…and fixed it in 2 mins, LOVE IT!

  21. i have bigger problem(( my chip is missing((( where i can get ?!? maybe someone has this info? i was thinking to find someone with tottaly broken itam so i can buy chip….is that possible!?!

  22. Thanks man just broke it today went on Google in a matter of minutes, redirected to here and was thinking this might be hard since mine was completely detached but after 10-20 minutes of resizing paper and adding paper using tweezers finally got it fixed! Thanks a lot man.

  23. great instructions thanks, mine gave up over a year ago and i was thinking of changing it tried googling a fix. Worked first time after i found the little thing it had come clean of, on the blink again now but at least the sound is up.
    big thanks
    PS simple 5 min job my dog could do

  24. Hero! Thanks so much! So easy! And the little volume up piece had actually completely fallen out, but managed to jam in with paper and double sided tape. Works perfectly now! Thank you!

  25. what a legend! Thanks mate! I didnt know how i would live without listening to music on my phone. Once again . . Thanks! What a legend!

  26. i had the same problem with my volume keys. I fixed it with a soldering iron. It was easy stuff for amateurs. The contacts were loose of the main board

  27. ahh damn, my switch is not there anymore, I think its gone..and the unsigned link is not working.. I have latest firmware to …
    ahhh what a hassle

  28. Nice one fella. The little blighter had actually snapped off. Stuck it back on and used your paper jam. Result! Cheers

  29. Thanks Matt.. Great site!!
    I’ll try your trick soon but for now:

    Mark’s Reply on:
    “August 4th, 2009 at 8:36 pm”
    Did the trick perfect (in 2 mins including download) with the software allowing you to use other keys:

    ** POWER MP3 **

    So thanks Mark heaps for that – it will fix the issue the users with the missing key have too 😀

  30. I Have done it but i dont see what i have done wrong its all working fine now but now its jammed on up and wont go down how do i sort that out :S ?

  31. N95 covers off -close study – wiggling right microswitch -fell off -soldered by just replacing switch -holding in position with screwdriver and pressing 2 sec each connector with soldering iron.

  32. My button had completely fallen off the main phone board but using a key I connected the two terminals and wahey my volume turned up 🙂 cheers dude 😀

  33. Thanks a lot!! this solution work for me!
    I have a Nokia n95 mexican, and now , the volume back.

    Muchas muchas gracias por la informacion, batalle un poco, pero al final todo salio excelente!!!

  34. An article created 2+ years ago still works great today!! 😀

    spent a total of 5minutes on google to find your article… 10minutes stuffing paper with a paper clip… and there we have it… volume button FIXED!!

  35. I dont know what is the poblem of my volume down button doesn’t work and it isnt damaged.I can push it but doesnt respond 🙁 my volume up button works great.I dont know what is my problem

  36. It’s great to hear this fix is still helping people out.

    I still use this phone today (great little phone) and my bit of paper is still doing its job in there 🙂

    If this post has helped you fix your phone, show me some love with the flattr link at the top. Thanks!


  37. I fixed my parents mobile and they are very happy and they are Sending their love, prayer and good thoughts your way And I also wish you well.

    Best regards,
    Asd Abd AlRahman

  38. Thanks a lot for the tip, Matt!

    A friend of mine gave me his old N95 8GB just a couple of days ago and I was kinda let down to find out that the volume rocker didn’t work, since one of the things I was looking forward to the most was filling up the storage with music to listen during my commute.

    This did the trick, though! It took a few tries, but It’s working perfectly, now! It’s pretty awesome to see how many people you’ve managed to help with this little fix!

  39. Thank you so much. I have had three different N95 over the past 3 years. And have managed to survive by keeping the volume abd 80% and never turning it down. But a couple of weeks my little sister unknowingly turned the volume down.

    Ive just jammed some paper in and i can listen to music again. Thank you so much. 🙂

  40. Yet another phone fixed with this awesomely lo-tech solution. This saved me a massive ear-bashing because it’s my girlfriend’s phone. Thanks matey! 🙂

  41. The two microswitches of my phone are not attached to it so when i tryed to open it like you said,the two microswitches fell out. 🙁

  42. Followed your instructions and it indeed located the problem as you indicated. However my little micro switch was broken off completely and I am having trouble getting this procedure to work. Having positioned the switch and held in place with the paper it still wouldn’t work on the up volume button.
    This is obviously a great little procedure but is it only for when the switch is bent or is there a way to make it work when it is broken off completely?
    Many thanks

  43. I took mine apart and saw that the little button underneath the casing was gone, so I have a volume down button but no volume up along the deck board, is there any way use through the command system or setting I can increase my volume manually??

  44. It works again! This was essential for me because my phone was “muted”, I could only hear the person I was talking with if the speakerphone was on – so everyone else could have heard our conversation. But I’ve fixed it! Thank you so much, I’m really-really grateful.

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