What’s the best sim-only mobile contract?

OK, I know, it’s a bit of a silly question because everyone has different needs, but these are mine:

  • 1 month rolling contract — I don’t want to be stuck with the contract for 12 months
  • Keep my number — I rummaged through the boxes in a BTCellnet shop years ago to get my number and I’m going to keep it
  • Unlimited internet — Well, a fair usage of at least 1GB, and I don’t want to get charged if I go over, I just want a warning
  • Some free minutes — To all networks of course
  • Some free texts
  • £25 per month or less

So far, the best I’ve found is the solo-20 plan at T-Mobile:

  • 1 month rolling contract
  • Keep my number
  • Unlimited internet — Fair usage of 1GB
  • 600 minutes to all networks
  • Unlimited texts
  • £20 per month

If you think you’ve found a better plan that meets my minimum requirements, or this deal is no longer available, add a comment and I’ll update this post.

Update December 2012: This solo-20 plan is no longer available. This was pointed out to me by a commenter linking to http://www.comparisim.co.uk/. I thought, oh great, another spammer (like many of the comments) but the site actually looks pretty good. I also recommend http://www.billmonitor.com/. Personally I’m on a normal contract now (this post is old) but please post any good deals in the comments for others to find.



Keep your filling knife clean

I’m no expert when it comes to DIY. Enthusiastic amateur I’d say.

I fumble my way along, guessing how things should be done, and generally learn the hard way.

I needed to do some more filling today to plug the holes I’d left from my poor skirting board fitting skills.

My filling knife however was caked in gunk after a few years of not being cleaned properly. I kept it clean when I first got it, it was new and I took good care of it. Somewhere along the line though I got lazy, and did a half-assed job of cleaning that knife. The first bit of dirt that stuck proved to be a perfect home for future gunk to bind and the effort of cleaning that knife just grew exponentially.

I spent a bit of time trying to clean it but it didn’t take me long to realise that I could spend an hour trying to clean it and there’s every chance it would still be too dirty to do a good job. I just had to bite the financial bullet and buy a new one.

I’m writing this as a reminder to myself that if I can just keep my knife clean, I may never need to buy one again.

Like I said, I’m no expert at DIY.

I’m a software engineer so I don’t face these kinds of problems.