Challenge Update

At the end of April I set myself the challenge of gaining a stone in weight and running a 5km race 2.5 minutes faster.

I ran the same race on Tuesday in 19:15, painfully close to my speed target of 19 minutes. However, I also weighed myself again but have actually lost a pound.


Must try harder…

One thought on “Challenge Update”

  1. Good work on the running speed! I reckon you’ll smash that target next time you race. My triathlon (argghhh, just 3 weeks to go) finishes with a 5km run. Those in the know suggest training by doing a cycle then a run: apparently it’s a tough transition.

    I wouldn’t worry about what the NHS weight calculator says. I’ve been preparing for the Tour de France with some web surfing, and according to Wikipedia top rider
    Fränk Schleck is taller and lighter than you.

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