“F” (The Movie) – Is everyone stupid or is it just me?

Spoiler Alert – This will ruin the film if you haven’t seen it.


This film started great, a teacher tangled in red tape, falls into depression and alcohol etc etc. But then these supernatural hooded psychos spring into the film and start killing everyone. If that is all the film is then, well, let’s just say it’s not my kind of film.

However, I didn’t think that was what the story was about. I googled around to see if others had come to the same conclusion as me, but no-one had so I figured I’d post my interpretation here.

I thought at the end you were supposed to realise that the main protagonist, Robert, was the one who had killed everyone. There never were any crazed ASBO ninjas.

My reasons:

  1. The hoodies have no motivation for their killing spree.
  2. The start of the film is all about his crumbling mental state. His paranoia about unstoppable violent youths. He hits his daughter, he’s losing it.
  3. People get killed just after he leaves (like the librarian).
  4. When he was with the security guard and they see a hoody, I assume Robert was going mental, schizophrenic style. The guard says something like “leave us alone” which could have referred to him and the daughter, not him and Robert. The guard then locks the door against him. Robert isn’t killed at this point even though he’s looking through the door for ages and they’re uber-fast freaking ninjas.
  5. At the end I assumed Robert thinks he’s stabbing a hoody, but actually went a bit nuts again and stabbed his daughter.
  6. At the very end, and his daughter sees her mum’s car, she wants to get out and find her mum. Perhaps she meant that they should stop her seeing the bodies, or that she wanted her mum to take her to the hospital.

Obviously I’m probably completely wrong since no-one else has come to this conclusion and I’m rubbish at understanding films. Heck, when I saw the 6th sense I was practically in the cinema car park before I twigged what it was about. Anyway, I don’t really care. That’s what I think it was about and that helps make the film better for me!

My first “parkrun”

Today I ran my first parkrun. If like me you’ve never heard of them:

parkrun organise free, weekly, 5km timed runs around the world. They are open to everyone, free, and are safe and easy to take part in.

Pretty simple really. You just register for free on the website for a personal barcode, print it out then turn up and race. You just register as a runner, not for individual races, it’s up to you which races you attend.

The parkrun in Bristol is held in Ashton Court, a pretty simple out-and-back course that takes you up a hill then back down it.

The races starts at 9am so I left the house a little late at 8:40 but thought I’d be ok. I underestimated how rubbish my bike is, how strong the wind was and how slow I am. It too me 22 minutes of flat-out cycling to get to the start line. Luckily the race started 5 minutes late so I was able to join in (heart still beating like mad!).

As usual, I started near the front over-filled with optimism. Half way up the climb my pace slows to a crawl and I realise I left all my optimism at the start line. I plod on.

At the half way point of the course you’re at the top of the park and turn back on yourself. Panoramic views of Bristol spread before you and you realise it’s all downhill from here. The optimism has caught me up and I smile. I probably look like a complete idiot when I run downhill, bouncing with huge lanky strides. I don’t care, it feels great, I love running downhill. The wind is also on my back and it just feels like flying. I start picking off the people that overtook me on the climb. Clap clap, my feet pound the path picking up dangerous speeds. This can’t be good for my bones. It doesn’t even feel like hard work, I can feel my heart rate dropping. Did I mention I love running downhill?

If you’re expecting me to say I won the thing, well, I was nowhere near. I guess I finished about 30th and I forgot to stop my watch so don’t really know what my time was (although it’ll be on the website later). That doesn’t matter though, it was a good, fun race. Well, I say it doesn’t matter but I’m far too competitive to leave it there. I wonder if I can get into the top 20 before the end of the month… 😉