“F” (The Movie) – Is everyone stupid or is it just me?

Spoiler Alert – This will ruin the film if you haven’t seen it.


This film started great, a teacher tangled in red tape, falls into depression and alcohol etc etc. But then these supernatural hooded psychos spring into the film and start killing everyone. If that is all the film is then, well, let’s just say it’s not my kind of film.

However, I didn’t think that was what the story was about. I googled around to see if others had come to the same conclusion as me, but no-one had so I figured I’d post my interpretation here.

I thought at the end you were supposed to realise that the main protagonist, Robert, was the one who had killed everyone. There never were any crazed ASBO ninjas.

My reasons:

  1. The hoodies have no motivation for their killing spree.
  2. The start of the film is all about his crumbling mental state. His paranoia about unstoppable violent youths. He hits his daughter, he’s losing it.
  3. People get killed just after he leaves (like the librarian).
  4. When he was with the security guard and they see a hoody, I assume Robert was going mental, schizophrenic style. The guard says something like “leave us alone” which could have referred to him and the daughter, not him and Robert. The guard then locks the door against him. Robert isn’t killed at this point even though he’s looking through the door for ages and they’re uber-fast freaking ninjas.
  5. At the end I assumed Robert thinks he’s stabbing a hoody, but actually went a bit nuts again and stabbed his daughter.
  6. At the very end, and his daughter sees her mum’s car, she wants to get out and find her mum. Perhaps she meant that they should stop her seeing the bodies, or that she wanted her mum to take her to the hospital.

Obviously I’m probably completely wrong since no-one else has come to this conclusion and I’m rubbish at understanding films. Heck, when I saw the 6th sense I was practically in the cinema car park before I twigged what it was about. Anyway, I don’t really care. That’s what I think it was about and that helps make the film better for me!

2 thoughts on ““F” (The Movie) – Is everyone stupid or is it just me?”

  1. Matt,

    Interesting observations, I think. Funnily enough, when we screened it at Bloodlines (a conference and film festival at De Montfort University in 2010), some people in the audience expressed some similar theories during the Q&A with Johannes Roberts.

    For me, though, the conclusion that you suggest–although wholly viable–would have ruined the film. I like how it fails to provide any answers. I also like how it presents the hoodies–other than films such as, say, Eden Lake or Cherry Tree Lane–as decidedly ambiguous: as un-gendered and as un-classed. As you suggest, it even brings their humanity into question. And, unlike Them (Ils, 2005) which it admittedly owes a lot to, it makes the ‘hoodie’ the threat from the start which, to me, adds to its ‘Britishness’, and sets it apart from other recent films with similar themes.

  2. Interesting thoughts, Matt, but I think that in a way, you are trying to be to logical about it.

    1 – It is a ASSUMPTION that every killing has a motivation behind it, it doesn’t. It may not make sense, but that’s the logical side, a killing spree isn’t supposed to be a sensible/make sense action. You also have to remember that (and this is NOT a generalization) London is well known for gangs and still has a “hoodie culture” stabbings,crime,murder, isn’t irregular in London.

    2 – That is an interesting one, but I looked at it from the point of view that everybody thought he was crazy, hence when he tried to convince/warn everyone that something was wrong, everyone took him for that, crazy.

    3 – The first guard to die wasn’t anywhere near Robert when he is attacked and then thrown in the bin. So if Robert killed everyone else, who killed the first guard? Plus, when the female teacher is killed, and the librarian etc, there are at least 2/3 hoodies that can be seen, the librarian is surrounded by two, he may be crazy, but he can’t be two people.

    5 – Nothing for that one lol.

    6 – Robert’s daughter is a lot closer to her mother, and that is made very clear from very early on in the movie. Even after being stabbed she probably still had a vague sense of what was happening around her, and she knew that her mother would go into the school looking for her.

    Still, interesting points you made, who knows, you could be right and I could be wrong lol.

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