The Bristol Two Towers Running Challenge

Fancy a running challenge around Bristol that’ll test your legs and your navigation? All you have to do is touch both Cabot Tower and Troopers Hill Tower (er, chimney) and finish where you started.

Troopers Hill Tower
Cabot Tower

The rules are pretty simple:

  1. You have to touch both Cabot Tower and Troopers Hill Tower. Any order.
  2. You must start and finish at the same place (of your choice).
  3. No pausing of your watch (for traffic etc.).

If you take on the challenge, let me know in the comments and I’ll add your results to the table.


Date Name Time Route
10th March, 2013 Matt Burns 54:10 GPS
2nd August, 2012 Justin Ainsworth 54:54
13th October, 2012 Neil 1:08:33 GPS
13th October, 2012 Rob 1:09:06 GPS
13th October, 2012 Mike 1:09:14 GPS
17th February, 2013 Steve Knight 1:18:00
25th September, 2012 Olly 1:26:29 GPS

7 thoughts on “The Bristol Two Towers Running Challenge”

  1. I ran this last Tuesday – my final long run before the Bristol Half Marathon – so I wasn’t trying for the shortest distance.

    It ended up at 9.57 miles/15.4km in 1:26:29.

    I went out to Trooper’s Hill via the Feeder Canal, then headed through Redfield/St George’s Park to the railway path.

    It was pitch black by the time I got to Brandon Hill, which made getting to the tower pretty tricky. The tower’s lit up, but the paths aren’t! Technically I didn’t complete the challenge because the gates to the tower were closed so I couldn’t touch it.

    GPX file here:


  2. Thanks for the challenge. Brandon hill burns! completed in 78 mins dead. and that sums me up. Start / Finish Coop car pak St Annes.

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