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Dell U2515H and problems with a USB apple keyboard

UPDATE/Short answer: Use the USB extension lead that came with the keyboard! It has better contacts.

Does anyone else ever have problems with this combination? They keyboard just goes dead.

I use the monitor’s USB hub to connect my keyboard and mouse. I then connect the hub to either my macbook or my linux pc and toggle the video inputs. Sometimes the keyboard just dies. When it’s in the broken state the following things are true:

  1. The keyboard doesn’t work for the macbook or the linux box.
  2. The keyboard does work for the macbook and the linux machine when connected directly to those devices.
  3. Restarting the screen or computers has no effect.
  4. Other USB devices work fine when connected to that port.
  5. The keyboard only works when connected to the monitor if I use the furthest port to the right (see photo). What’s so special about that port?


Dell monitor wires

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  1. I also have this problem – I have my phone and keyboard (Apple USB Keyboard) plugged into the monitor. The phone always works, but the keyboard not so much… 🙁

    Apart from that, it’s a superb monitor 🙂

    1. My post isn’t very clear but at the bottom I mention that it works ok if I use the usb port on the far right for the keyboard.
      Anyway, I actually just plug the keyboard wire directly into the laptop now which happens to be easier for my setup.

      The monitor totally kicks ass, get a cheap usb hub if any of that is a problem for you.

      If you have 2015 macbook pro then you should also consider going for a 4k screen…

  2. Another ‘me too’! I’m using a wired Apple keyboard with a HP Spectre x360 (don’t ask 😉 ). None of the USB ports on the back of the monitor work with the keyboard, not even the one on the right. Windows seems to be stuck in an USB install loop.

  3. Hi,

    I’m having the same problem with a Dell 2410 monitor.

    Connected to a Retina BMP, 15 inch, late 2013, OSX 10.11.2

    When I got the screen, it initially worked fine. A couple of days later, when I woke the screen from standby, the keyboard, and only the keyboard, stopped working. Other USB peripherals work fine.

    I managed to get it working again by unplugging the screen from the power supply for a few seconds, but it stopped working again a few hours later. I’ve not managed to fix it again. Very odd…

  4. I’ve been having the same problem on a late 2011 macbook pro 15″. What’s strange is that the keyboard did work but then suddenly stopped after about a week and haven’t been able to get it working since. It will work if plugged directly into the macbook though. I get the feeling this is something to do with the macbook and not the usb hub on the screen but I’m not sure what I can try to sort it.

    1. It’s an apple wired keyboard by the way. Funnily enough I’m using a cheap hp wired mouse and that works on all usb ports, I also have a matching cheap generic keyboard somewhere as well so will test that when I get the chance.

  5. Argh. Same thing here. I have mine plugged into a 2009 MBP. External wired Apple keyboard worked fine for about a month, and then started intermittently not working. I would shut off the monitor, turn it back on and it would work again. Now that doesn’t even fix it? I’ve resorted plugging the keyboard directly into the MBP.

  6. I’m having the same problem. My mouse and keyboard use a single RF dongle and I find that the mouse is jerkier and the keyboard is less reliable as you use USB ports to the left. (When looking at the back of the monitor.) They seem to work well enough using the rightmost port, i.e. the one outside the cable enclosure.

    I was planning to return the screen and ask for a replacement, given that it seems like a manufacturer fault, but from this thread it seems like this might be a general problem with every unit.

    Should I just live with it? Seems like pretty terrible build quality on Dell’s part. It’s otherwise a great screen!

  7. Hi,
    I have the same problem with my Dell U2515h – I have the monitor connected with my MPB 13″ 2012 by mini display port and usb 3 cable (which were in the box with Dell monitor) and none of the usb ports in the monitor is working. I found some drivers for this monitor, but only for Windows.. Did you guys find any solution for that?

  8. Same problem on an early macbook 2013. All work well, but if I remove the monitor usb then God knows if and when the usb keyboard is going to ever work again. At the time of this post my keyboard is not working.

  9. Phew, happy I’m not the only one.

    I use a Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Desktop via this monitor’s USB hub on my early 2015 MBP Retina, and the mouse tracking goes completely wonky on the inner USB ports but not on the outer ones (the one you have identified, and also the horizontal one visible in your photo)

    Interestingly, when I look at the Mac system info, I can see that these two sets of USB ports live on different hubs, and the WORKING USB ports are on the daisy-chained / cascaded hub.

    1. I have the same Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic, I works on 2525H and MBP 13 Retina 2015. I works well when connected. The problem is when I turn off the screen, then switch it back, or computer from sleep. Keyboard is not working. Then I need to unplug the usb receiver or the USB cable from the monitor then plug it in again. Because the USB receiver is not replaceable, so I choose to unplug the cable. I might broken the MBP, but luckily we might replace it’s port 🙂

  10. Ran across this trying to figure out the same problem. Couldn’t find a solution online so I took a look at it. This is actually an issue with the physical pins on the USB port/cable. They don’t make contact easily and bend too easily. The apple keyboard also has an odd too-thin male USB connector. If you use a USB extension the keyboard suddenly works 100% of the time. The keyboard should have come with an extension that has a more normal width connector. Attach that and you should be OK.

    1. Ian, you just made my day!
      I connected my Apple keyboard to the Dell U2515h with a 20cm female to male USB cable and now it works like a charm 🙂

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