Motorola MBP854 baby monitor

Yes, I’m blogging about a baby monitor.

It’s great, has a massive screen, remotely physically controllable camera, thermometer, streams to my phone when I’m at work, but still works in the house if wifi breaks etc.
Tonight we looked at the screen and thought, gosh, she’s really moving about a lot but not making a peep of sound. We muted the telly so we could hear if she was still breathing. That’s when we heard her distant crying coming through the ceiling. Poor little bugger was crying her heart out while we were downstairs calmly drinking tea. Seriously Motorola, what’s up with that? The volume on the parent unit was on maximum. Turning it off and on again solved the problem but I can no longer trust the device. Grr, I like all the features on it, but if there’s one job it must never fail to do… Grrr etc.

Anyway, I’m posting this here to find out if it’s happened to anyone else. Please post below if it has…

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