Audio on Udemy videos has suddenly stopped working

I’m working through a course on Udemy on my macbook with bluetooth headphones. I’ve no idea why but the audio no longer works. Youtube audio is fine, previous lessons no longer have audio either, restarting browser has no effect. Disconnecting headphones makes no difference. Downloading lecture works, but is hassle.

Solution: In bottom-right, click the cog and change the quality from auto to a fixed quality (eg 1080p). This solved it for me. I don’t know who’s bug it is and I don’t care. I hope this helps someone else 🙂

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  1. Play around with the cog (settings) and volume icon whilst playing a video. I have had the frustrating issue a few times. Took me a while to solve.

  2. when you dont hear any sound from your video courses, when you click the volume icon, there is actually a white upside rectangle – a bar – that will show up. its not very visible because its color blends to the white screen (which is usually the color o the ppts used by the trainors). Color is very very faint pink. so when your sound is 0, that rectangle is fully faint pink.. hardly visible. just click on any part of the rectangle to increase the volume. part of that bar will now have red, indicating increase in volume. and with that, your video will now have sound. hopefully.

    1. This solved my issue thank you ! Had no idea that you had to like ‘grab’ on to that volume bar after hovering on it… geeze, thank you!

    2. Legend! Thank you. Tried the stuff above and it didn’t work. Clearly I had accidentally turned down the volume without realising.

      All sorted now. Cheers Tin!

    3. THANK YOU! This worked for me. What a stupid setup – the number of “waves” drawn on the speaker makes it look full volume, but it has none at all.

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